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Elegant Additions – Dinner

A class act, Julie Koch at Texas-based Elegant Additions believes in investing in her clientele. Last month, she invited her premier customers to dine with Pedro Uranga, National Director of THG. Celebrating French design and food, these exclusive dinners were held at Etoile et bar in Houston and Bijoux Restaurant in Dallas – creating the ultimate French sensory experience.

First, to keep with THG’s theme of creating beautiful designs, engraved invitations were personally delivered to each guest along with three delicious specially designed petit fours that mimicked THG’s famous Mossi, Frivole, and Metropolis handles.

At each event, top designers and architects were greeted at the table with diamond-like miniature Eiffel Towers serving as unique placecard holders. Next, guests enjoyed luxurious champagne and scrumptious appetizers as they were given the opportunity to touch, feel and see THG’s “jewelry” handles up-close. Then, the call to be seated came and a magnificent three course dinner began to appear. Pedro Uranga gave insight into the long history of THG and the wonderful family behind such a magnificent company, while Julie Koch shared special tales, memories – and some secrets of her visits to the factory in France. Many guests were enticed to visit the factory by the sea.

From Left to Right: William W. Stubbs, Julie Koch, and Pedro Uranga

As the evening came to a close, THG-Paris goodie bags accompanied each guest – letting them take a little bit of France home with them.

Snyder Diamond THG Event – Robert Berman Gallery

On March 13th, Snyder Diamond’s Russ Diamond and THG-Paris’ National Director, Pedro Uranga hosted a wonderful private cocktail reception celebrating the latest collections from THG-Paris at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica’s prestigious Bergamot Station Arts Center.

Robert Berman’s open space offered the perfect setting for the event, which displayed THG-Paris’ designs as true works of art. A multitude of THG’s most prolific faucet designs were each meticulously placed on pedestals, illuminated as art pieces amidst David Trulli’s captivating Event Horizon exhibition of unique scratchboard art pieces.

Party guests included top designers and architects, as well as other Snyder Diamond and THG-Paris colleagues. Background of each of THG’s gorgeous collections were placed in a special booklet to accompany each guest, beginning with two new collaborations with Christofle, Collection O and Collection Malmaison, followed by Petale de Cristal, THG’s first collaboration with Baccarat crystal and other prominent collections from Daum, Lalique, Alberto Pinto and Jamie Drake. A wonderful selection of appetizers, cheeses and wines of Northern France were served while live background music from a small jazz band added to the ambiance.

We thank everyone for contributing to the event’s success!

Pedro Uranga speaking

Juan Martin, Russ Diamond, Lisa Steinbach-Schecter and Phillip Lachina

David Schlocker and Pedro Uranga

Maya Guice and Jorg Lopez

Juan Martin and Francois Jantzen

Monique Lafia, Andrea Diamond and Sheryl Fleisher

Pedro Uranga, Mariakay Chakos, Dana Joy Altman, Juan Martin

Russ Diamond, Nancy Lares and Winston Chappell

Russ Diamond, Juan Martin, Richard Landry and Pedro Uranga

Brad Stone and Lisa Steinbach-Schecter

David and Natalie Schlocker

Russ and Andrea Diamond

Mariakay Chakos, Juan Martin, Natalie Schlocker, Pedro Uranga, David Schlocker

Russ Diamond and Tibbie Dunbar

Jeff Chojnacki, Lisa Steinbach-Schecter and Phillip Lachina

Robert Berman and his wife with Russ Diamond

Russ Diamond and Julia Wong

Pedro Uranga and Brad Stone

Jean Pinto and friends

Jeff, Krista and John Everage

Jeff Chojnacki and Masami Fukuhara



THG Reception at Christofle Pavillon, Beverly Hills to Celebrate Collection O and Collection Malmaison with Interiors California

THG-Paris Holds Special Reception at Christofle Pavillon Beverly Hills to Celebrate Collection O by Studio Putman and Collection Malmaison with Interiors California

On December 12th, THG-Paris held an event with Christofle at their dedicated Beverly Hills Pavillon to celebrate two bath collaborations – Collection O and Collection Malmaison long with Pedro Uranga, our National Director and Juan Martin, West Coast Regional Market Manager. Amanda Friedman, Editor-in-Chief of Interiors California was also a special guest, along with Publisher of California Interiors, Jennifer Polachek.

The event hosted interior designers, architects and other special guests and gave everyone a chance to see (and feel) the two faucet collections up close – as well as perusing the rest of Christofle’s fabulous offerings in gifts, decorative housewares and jewelry.

A multitude of tasty offerings from Food by Design was served on beautiful Christofle trays, including items from Andrée Putman’s Vertigo collection – the inspiration for Collection O – flawlessly articulated by THG-Paris.

A great time was had by all, and it was the perfect start to the busy holiday weekend and year-end festivities.

Collection O by Studio Putman display

Collection Malmaison display

(L to R) THG’s Pedro Uranga, Editor-in-Chief of Interiors California, Amanda Friedman, Christofle’s Mark Galindo, THG’s Juan Martin and Interiors California Publisher, Jennifer Polachek

(L to R) THG’s Juan Martin shows party guest THG/Christofle bath collaborations

(L to R) THG’s Pedro Uranga with DRS and Associates’ David Schlocker

(L to R) Sheila Carter, THG’s Pedro Uranga and Tony Carter, of Carter Hardware

Bite-sized dessert on a beautiful tray from Christofle’s Vertigo collection, which inspired Collection O by Studio Putman


THG’s Collection O by Studio Putman Honored with Architectural Products Magazine’s Prestigious Product Innovation Award!

We are proud to announce that THG’s Collection O by Studio Putman – one of THG’s first collaborations with leader in French silver, Christofle – is the recipient of the 2013 Product Innovation Award (PIA) from Architectural Products magazine!

Awarded the PIA Award in the restroom products/plumbing equipment category, Collection O by Studio Putman was selected from nearly 400 entries and judged by a group of 50 independent industry professionals which included architects, interior designers and architecture, engineering and construction industry writers. Collection O by Studio Putman will be listed among the winners in a feature in the November issue of Architectural Products.

Collection O by Studio Putman combines the talents of THG, Christofle and the late designer, Andrée Putman. An embodiment of modern luxury, the famous ring was designed by Putman for Christofle in 2002 as part of the Vertigo collection. A beautiful, sculptural, fluid design, each ring twists at the bottom with a rounded effect and is used as a discreetly functional element in various areas of each fixture. In a variety of chrome and gold finishes, Collection O now graces the intimate environment of bathrooms, embellishing basins, bathtubs and various fixtures.





“We are proud that Collection O by Studio Putman has been recognized among the design community and industry experts,” said Pedro Uranga, National Director at THG-USA. “This collaboration with Christofle opened the door to amazing resources that enabled us to create this beautiful, modern approach to our vast line of bath fittings.”

To access the November issue of Architectural Products Magazine with the PIA winners, visit

THG Profile – Greystone Mansion

This month, Beverly Hills’ famous Greystone Mansion hosts Design House International. For the first time, interior designers have transformed the Greystone Mansion into a unique expression of creativity and power with rooms inspired by their own accomplished clients or by iconic titans of business from the entertainment, fashion, finance and technology industries.

The first floor has also been transformed under the theme: Art de Vivre à la Française with Los Angeles based French designer François Jantzen heading the design. Jantzen chose “Artisans of France” as his inspiration for the ballroom, hallways and ladies lounge, including a bathroom that exudes sensual elegance.

Jantzen’s luscious bathroom in the ladies lounge is anchored by a metal pedestal sink and bathtub, with other metallic influences throughout the design including the fabric on the walls. THG’s Profil by Jamie Drake widespread faucets were selected for their discreet elegance and minimalistic quality – and the combination of metal and Lalique crystals were a beautiful addition to the overall design. Here is a sneak peek at the design, full photos will be posted in the upcoming months.

The eyes are drawn to the sculptural handles of the Profil, embellished with inlays of Lalique crystal. The elegantly hand carved, satin-finished crystal is beautifully set atop the cross handles of the Profil.

The purpose of the exceptional “Art de Vivre à la Française” exhibition, within the Titans of Business Best of Design showhouse at Greystone Mansion, is to present to the Los Angeles Interior Design industry the excellence of the French savoir-faire in luxury décor, which is world renowned for its exquisite aesthetic and superior quality.

Design House International runs through November 24th and is open from 10 am to 3pm. For ticket information go to:

François Jantzen grew up in Paris where he got his Master’s degree in Interior Design. Early in his career he worked on projects for HRH the King, and the Royal family of Saudi Arabia, as well as HRH the King of Morocco. He was later hired by Alberto Pinto to collaborate on prestigious projects around the world. Jantzen’s work includes private homes, yachts, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs and more. Based in Los Angeles, his company, modoo modoo interior design realizes refined and unique projects reflecting their client’s personalities with a special attention to detail.