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60 Year Anniversary Celebration

A Toast to THG Paris: May the Legacy Continue Another 60 Years.

THG Paris recently culminated its 60 year celebration, honoring their history of crafting the finest fixtures available, by holding an intimate cocktail reception on Paris’ Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honoré for close customers and partners — the extended THG family. In fact, one could say the theme of the evening was family.

To understand how a lavish evening filled with champagne, fine food and THG’s Numero 60 display could be about “family” one must examine the humble beginnings of the company itself.

THG’s origins begin with the meeting of three men, Julien Haudiquez, Andre Tetard, and Alexandre Grisoni, together T, H and G. Over the years and through partnerships with prestigious designers and other luxury brands, the company evolved into the industry leader it is today, setting the standard for all to follow.

All of those designers, companies and individuals who’ve been involved in the evolution of THG throughout the years are considered part of the THG family — a true heritage of partnership and mutual esteem. The Numero 60 collection, created in honor of this very important anniversary and displayed prominently during the evening’s festivities, reflects this very belief. A special rendition of its premier ‘Pétale de Cristal’ collection, Pierre-Yves Rochon designed Numero 60 with a synergy that showcases THG’s impeccable fine craftsmanship in finish detail and Baccarat’s exemplary capabilities in fine crystal and jewelry.

The connection to family runs deeper than even these close and continued collaborations. Interestingly, Mr. Tétard (T) married the daughter of Mr. Haudiquez (H). Their daughter, Laurence Tétard, met and married Michel Gosse, current CEO of THG. Together they’ve carried the torch along via the original family members.

The crowning image of the special evening was one of Madame Laurence and Monsieur Gosse, standing before those closest to the company and introducing their own children, who will be joining the company, thus carrying on the proud family legacy that THG has built over the past 60 years.

Truly, THG is more than an average company and deserved every toast to its future

THG-Paris Celebrates 60th Anniversary at ICFF 2016

This year, THG-Paris celebrates 60 years of design, craftsmanship and the art of living. With attention to detail and quality manufacturing, THG bridges the gap between old-world artisanship and 21st century technology, giving birth to a timeless collection of products. The subtle nuances that can only come from THG handcrafted artisanship reinforce the fact that one is in the presence of an exceptionally well-designed and quality product that will stand the test of time.

We recently attended ICFF 2016 and to commemorate our 60th year anniversary, we unveiled a special rendition of our premier ‘Pétale de Cristal’ collection called Numero 60. We revisit this iconic collection with an exclusive design that emphasizes the delicate curves and splendor of Baccarat, one of the most prestigious and recognized brands in fine French crystal. Also presented for the first time at this year’s ICFF is our new soft gold finish, shown both in the Numero 60 and Soho collections.

Bearing the distinctive Baccarat imprint along with the decadent brilliant gold accents, Numero 60 empowers designers, architects and homeowners to bring a crowning touch to the bath that is exceptional and unlike any other luxury fitting. Numero 60 is beautifully engraved by hand with a stencil and then filled with gold powder and polished. This stunning anniversary piece also boasts an exquisite gold-plated crystal top which is delicately placed over the well-renowned cross design. The pale gold Numero 60 collection has an iridescence that makes this piece an exceptional and timeless design. This collection can be used for sink, shower and bath fittings with a line of matching accessories in a wide choice of finishes.

There is exciting news at this year’s ICFF, we are proud to announce that Soho in soft gold was selected by IFDA New York Chapter for Best in Show, Bath Category. Evoking pure symmetry, Soho is a fresh and contemporary design highlighting clear optical glass and elegant new soft golf finish. To add to its geometric theme, Soho’s understated design is complemented by a slim profile spout.

A Toast to Collaboration

THG recently celebrated their new collaboration with Loom Luxury Linens by hosting an elegant champagne mixer at the Loom Luxury Linens store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Loom Luxury Linens offers refined, tailored yacht and home fashions to meet special sizing and design specifications. At the event, designers and other guests previewed new products from THG and Loom Luxury Linens while enjoying the company of South Florida’s esteemed design community – and bubbly champagne. We’d like to give a special thanks to all of those who attended and present some photo highlights from the event below.

Métamorphose and Anoa collections in dazzling gold finish

Profil by Jamie Drake with Lalique clear crystal

Dahlia with Lalique clear crystal

THG-Paris Sponsors International SeaKeepers Society’s Gala Honoring Fabien Cousteau

THG-Paris was proud to serve as an Explorer sponsor at a private waterfront dinner and reception on November 5th to honor this year’s recipient of The International SeaKeepers Society’s prestigious SeaKeeper Award: Fabien Cousteau. The International SeaKeepers Society is a not-for-profit organization focusing on the health of the world’s oceans and climate. SeaKeepers works with the boating and yachting community to take advantage of their unique potential in order to further marine research and to raise awareness about the issues our oceans face. The SeaKeeper Award is awarded to leaders in the field. The evening celebrated the work of Fabien Cousteau, highlighting his extensive achievements, and also presented the latest 2015 missions aboard the SeaKeepers DISCOVERY Yacht Fleet.

Cristal de Lalique Papillon faucet

Because we have been outfitting luxury yachts with our opulent products for more than 50 years, we were thrilled to support this very special organization and cause to help build global ocean initiatives. As Explorer sponsor, we also donated a captivating Cristal de Lalique Papillon faucet in the shape of beautiful butterflies for an online auction to raise money for the International SeaKeepers Society.

All proceeds of the special gala and auction support the International SeaKeepers Society DISCOVERY Yachts Program, which provides privately owned vessels to facilitate ocean research, scientific discovery, community outreach and education. From hosting learning excursions for underprivileged kids to facilitating scientific research for genome sequencing; yachts provide the platform to enable these accomplishments.

Fabien Cousteau

Grandson of Jacques Yves Cousteau and son of Jean Michel Cousteau III (who received the SeaKeeper Award in 1996 – and surprised his son by presenting the award), Fabien continues his family’s legacy to protect and preserve the ocean as a dedicated activist, explorer and filmmaker. Fabien is well-known for his shark documentaries, including “Attack of the Mystery Shark,” based on a series of shark attacks along the New Jersey shoreline in 1916, and “Mind of a Demon,” which focuses on the mysterious nature of sharks.

THG-Paris’ Regional Manager and Yachting Specialist Aran Swart and Yachting and Partnership Manager Sophie Durand

The SeaKeeper Award reception and gala also coincided with the 56th annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show where we showcased our latest collections, including new designs in collaboration with Lalique, Manufacture de Monaco and DAUM.

THG-Paris Debuts New Bath Designs in Full Bloom

THG-Paris is proud to unveil two blossoming new floral bath fitting collections as part of their established partnerships with two world-renowned crystal houses: Dahlia, in collaboration with the premier French crystal house Lalique, and Rose, the latest collaboration with distinguished French crystal maker DAUM.



Lalique Dahlia

Seductive and sophisticated with intricate details in crystal and finely crafted metal, Dahlia is a poetic design modeled after the famous Dahlia beauty box created by René Lalique in 1931. THG and Lalique’s designers have taken this iconic Lalique pattern and created unique crystal handles in the shape of delicate Dahlia flowers, which the skilled Lalique masters produce. Each flower handle is crowned by the iconic Dahlia and set in place by THG’s beautiful bezel setting. A smooth, wide, curved spout with intricate fluting on its sides – with stepped pedestal to match the base of each handle – is the perfect companion for this timeless and elegant design.

Lalique’s artisans use a technique that requires great dexterity and precision to create the bas-relief Dahlia pattern throughout the crystal. THG’s expert artisans have flawlessly translated this design into a series of bath fixtures and matching accessories using the same technical expertise and ingenuity applied to their previous, highly regarded Lalique bath collections.




A soft, graceful design for the bath, Rose incorporates DAUM’s signature Rose flower, which is flawlessly re-imagined by THG’s designers. Rose by both form and hue, this newest collection is romantic and sensual. Each delicate and ornate DAUM Rose offers beautiful sculptural qualities and color variation, perched atop a beautiful curved pedestal with subtle details on each THG handle. The series is artfully arranged with a beautiful, wide, curved spout with intricate fluting on its sides and stepped pedestal.

Rose’s translucent yet rich blush color is achieved by the art of pâte de verre (lost-wax cast), which allows for precise placement of particular glass colors in the mold. DAUM’s master artists fill the mold with multicolored crystal fragments, and after a delicate firing process, the mold is broken, revealing the pâte-de-cristal sculpture. DAUM remains one of the true crystal art-houses that has perfected this technique. Considering that each piece is cast by hand and each mold is broken, every piece of crystal in the DAUM Rose collection holds its own individuality, and no two faucets are alike.

Both Lalique Dahlia and DAUM Rose offer various configurations for basins, matching bath tub and shower systems, and a range of matching accessories incorporating the Dahlia or Rose flower design. Each series is available in more than 35 finishes, including THG’s new, luxurious contemporary Rose Gold.