THG recommends following the care and cleaning guidelines as set forth by the DPHA (Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association). Below is an overview of those guidelines; for complete instructions and product recommendations please refer to the DPHA Care and Maintenance brochure.

For all finishes:
-To prevent water spots, wipe off water with a clean, soft, damp cloth after each
- NEVER use an abrasive cleaning product, cleanser, ammonia-based cleaner, harsh chemicals or bleach.
- Use a mild ph-neutral soap mixed with water for regular cleaning.

Uncoated polished finishes: includes polished chrome (A02), polished nickel (B01), polished silver rhodium (F18), polished luxbrass (D03), gold polished (F01), silver polished (D08), polished unlacquered brass (A01), polished black nickel (D24).
- A mild metal polish can be used to remove light oxidation.
- Faucet wax can be used after polishing to prevent oxidation.

Uncoated matt finishes: luxbrass matt (H16), luxbrass satin (H12), luxbrass graveled (H13), nickel matt (C01), nickel satin (C05), nickel graveled (C44), etc.
- These finishes will oxidize and darken over time.
- To reduce oxidation, use a faucet wax on a regular basis.

Coated (lacquered) finishes: brass coated (C04), silver polished antique (H03), silver antique matt coated (H08), gold matt coated (F02), bronze clear coated (D01), bronze matt coated (D05), red copper polished coated (H01), red copper antique coated (H24), etc.
- wax monthly with a faucet wax designed for use with lacquered finishes.

Living finishes: bronze satiny (H27), oil rubbed bronze natural (D21), oil rubbed bronze US (D10), etc.
- finishes will vary in color and darkness, changing with time.
- “Renaissance Wax” can be applied to uncoated oil rubbed bronze finishes to darken the bronze and reduce wear on finish.