Many economists and business people are keeping a close eye on luxury marketplaces, luxury brands and luxury products to see what they are doing with their businesses and their products. This data and information has become a valuable part of determining how and where businesses and investments may be going in the future. There are many reasons for keeping a watchful eye on luxury goods, one being that luxe products and the spending habits of the affluent are often the first sign of a coming trend. One of the earliest indicators for what might be on the horizon can often be seen in the luxury markets. What affluent customers want in a product or service is a very important factor as the rest of the world will also yearn for and try to reproduce these luxury designs. In any given time period the leading designs are often the pinnacle of what is being produced, and these designs end up defining the era.

While luxury designs often take center stage, luxury plumbing has also been able to share this spotlight as it has become a large part of a number of other industries in recent years. Industries such as architecture, interior design, sustainable design, home décor, fashion and luxury travel have all become intermingled with the luxury plumbing industry. Increasingly we see high-end designs in the kitchen and bathroom that are done by well known designers or architects, hotels providing the highest in kitchen and bath accommodations, while some luxury plumbing products are even designed by famous fashion designers such as Chantal Thomass as is the case with our THG POEMES Collection.

As luxury and what “luxury” really means to the affluent customer continues to evolve so will the desires of the luxury shopper. Often we notice that “luxury” now encompasses the ability to customize your product so that you have an inner connection and closeness to the product. No longer is a luxury product defined on its price, but instead it is defined by being exactly what you want, and how that makes you feel. As the definition of what luxury kitchen and bath products represent, and why that is important, THG will ensure that the customer’s feelings always comes first.