As a manufacturer of middle and high-end faucetry products, THG knows the importance of launching new products regularly. Speed of execution is a major advantage in the entire process of creation since new product lines must be adapted to all the special needs of our customers and supplied in a great number of installation options, styles and finishes.

“The control of a product launch depends on the professionalism of our staff and the flexibility of our production.”

The technical mastery of the production and development staff (design, tooling-up, etc.) allows us to conduct a product creation, from design to a packaged and marketable product, in a very short amount of time. Each stage of the process- design, prototyping, pre-industrialization and industrialization is conducted in collaboration with the staff in order to take advantage of the considerable experience of our technicians.

In day-to-day manufacturing, this flexibility of production, along with the professionalism of our personnel, provides us with the ability to produce customer orders, whether standard or special, with optimum quality.