THG is world renown for creating some of the most exquisite examples of bathroom fixtures and hardware ever imagined. Our passion for meticulously crafting the finest materials into works of art carries over into everything we do. Bath & Art de Vivre, “art of living” has deep meaning and conviction beyond the end product that we produce; we consider it our responsibility to take action in order to reduce the environmental impact our activities might have.

Environmental Management System:

Over 10 years ago, THG began the processes of updating our manufacturing facilities and management guidelines while implementing and applying the following environmental policies:

- Observe prevailing environmental laws

- Stay focused on the action of reducing the environmental impact of the company’s activities in everything that we do

- Maintain an ecological approach to the conception of new product development and expansion

Our factory and facilities reflect THG’s commitment today and well into the future:

- New facility adding 35,000 sq. ft. constructed in accordance with RT 2500 standards (Thermal Regulation) utilizing architectural designs, engineering and materials to minimize energy consumption.

- High efficiency lighting installed in 48,000 sq. ft. of facility and power grid management system allows for a reduction of more than 50 percent of electric consumption via Gradual Power Supply Technology.

- Solar Energy and a 19,000 sq.ft. photovoltaic plant add to THG’s list of sustainable development actions taken to harness renewable resources. This is achieved by taking advantage of the building’s elongated roof surfaces. The production of electricity is achieved in a silent, autonomous manner that is greenhouse-gas-emission free and non-polluting. THG has entered into a partnership agreement on energy consumption reduction with ADEME, an agency for sustainable energy and environmental development located in France.

- Reclamation and Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste is achieved with the latest techniques and treatment procedures such as: the plating of finishes with zero water waste; relying on a drastic reduction of chemical product consumption while maximizing water recycling. (This process reduces water consumption by 80 percent). Air quality is maintained by capturing carbon emissions and “cleaning” of emitted gases created during manufacturing. In addition, once industrial water is used, it is collected and treated in our own plant and recycled back into the closed loop circulation system.

-Recycling is achieved across all levels of operation at THG. In the manufacturing process, recycling is done in conjunction with our metal suppliers. Brass is the quintessential recyclable material and allows a 100 percent full cycle program. We work extremely close with our vendors to be sure that the raw material that we are working with meets our stringent standards in terms of the perfect alloy compositions required for our foundry and machining. THG also recycles all of its other metals, including inox, aluminum, copper and others. A full recycling program is in place throughout all facilities to include generalized waste sorting of consumables, plastics, cardboard, and organic matter. Waste collected is transformed into other products through a third party.

-THG brings luxury, quality and peace of mind to our clients. In doing so, we use lead-free brass in all of our products. Water conservation is a standard amenity on all THG lav faucets, shower heads and hand showers. These products are equipped with code approved water restrictors that do not hinder their performance.