THG® is proud to announce that we are the recipient of the 2010 ‘Best Mid-size Booth’ award at this year’s Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference (HD Expo).  THG’s own Keith Amado designed and managed the overall look and feel of the booth. “The inspiration was to take a museum/gallery like setting and allow the product to stand on it’s own. The black and white idea came from my favorite film/art exhibit by Gregory Colbert, ‘Ashes and Snow.’ The images and photographs are unprecedented in both scope and scale. The entire concept was to allow people to see both the complexity and simplicity of our products. I can not take full credit because it was truly a collaborative effort between me, Scott and the talented Ron Ruiz at Czarnowski,” said  Keith. He is responsible for THG USA’s Commerical Projects, including hospitality, yachting and multi-housing industries.

THG wanted to use specific fixtures to portray the newest works of art that make up THG®, including Bagatelle designed by Olivier Gagnère, the Profil collection by Jamie Drake (which includes Cristal Lalique inlayed into the faucet handles) and the Chantal Thomass collection. “THG stands for elegance and a way of life that is graceful and aspirational,” said Scott Triethart, National Sales Director for THG USA. “In designing this booth, we wanted to create a serene yet engaged state of mind, similar to how one feels while walking through an art gallery. And of course, the THG products are works of art themselves, so the setting made perfect sense.”

The goal of the booth had always been to exceed expectations of the critical guests and judges who look for creativity, while incorporating product displays that entice visitors to venture through the exhibit as if walking through a museum. “We were quite surprised and thrilled that the judges at the show understood what we had wanted to achieve with this design, and that they showed their appreciation by honoring us with this award,” said Triethart. “The HD Expo is an important show for us, so this achievement is quite meaningful.”

Here are a number of pictures of our award-winning booth:

THG Booth Profil by Jamie Drake

Side 1 of THG Booth features American designer Jamie Drake - Profil Collection

THG Bagatelle by Olivier Gagnère

Side 2 of THG Booth - Bagatelle illustrates the essence of French design by Olivier Gagnère

THG Profil Deck Tub Set with Cristal Lalique

THG Profil deck tub set inlayed with Cristal Lalique by Jamie Drake

THG Profil Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet

THG Profil Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet

THG Bagatelle Lavatory Set by Olivier Gagnère

THG Bagatelle lavatory set shown in 24k gold and black enamel accents

THG Directors

From left to right: David Schlocker, Laurence Gosse, Michel Gosse, Laurent Heilpern, Scott Triethart