For decades, THG® has been designing, innovating and crafting the finest in opulent faucetry and bath fixtures. Their new collaboration with Alberto Pinto, France’s foremost interior designer and preeminent tastemaker, has resulted in the extravagant “Le 11 by Alberto Pinto” range of taps and fittings. With this new collection, THG has been able to tap into the genius of a true artist and bring discerning customers an ultra-luxury line that boasts impeccable form and flawless function.

Le 11 offers striking fixtures born out of fresh inspiration and infused with contemporary flair. Boasting flowing lines and sophisticated design, it features two discreet crystals in red and blue, respectively adorned on each side of the tap to indicate hot and cold water. A waterblade flows from the nozzle, forming a perfect and harmonious straight angle. The faucet comes with a choice of cross or lever handles. The fixture’s enigmatic name, Le 11, in fact alludes to the mythical address of the town house located in central Paris – just a stone’s throw from the Place des Victoires – where Pinto has set up his interior design and decoration studio. It’s Pinto’s dedication to infusing his life into his art, and his relentless search for new challenges that push his artistic limits, which make everything he touches so incredibly poignant and unique.