Amanjena Resort in Marrakech, Morocco

With the inviting horizon of the High Atlas Mountains and the tranquil waves of the Atlantic coast just a short distance away, it’s hardly surprising that Marrakech’s premier resort, Amanjena, borrows its name from the Arabic word for “peaceful paradise”.


Maison Guest Bedroom

Nestled within an oasis of palm and olive trees and heavily influenced by the old, red-hued, rammed-earth buildings of the ancient city, Amanjena’s grounds further dazzle with rose petal-strewn Moroccan marble fountains, reflective pools, hand-cut tiles known as zellij and impeccably manicured lawns and vines. The luxury resort is notable for its use of green – the Islamic color of paradise, royalty and abundance – and tastefully appoints it throughout to an effect of incredible striking visual appeal. Amanjena’s reputation for opulence means its international clientele arrive with the highest of expectations – and they never leave with anything short of total satisfaction. Perhaps it’s something as simple as being warmly greeted upon arrival with a glass of Moroccan mint tea; or maybe it’s the more extravagant reward of staying in one of the resort’s Pavillion Piscines – private pool suites – that leaves them feeling like royalty. Guests are further comforted by amenities such as the Caidal Tent, a romantic venue situated within an olive grove; The Bar, decorated with Berber daggers and Arabic swords; and The Fumoir, which offers a world-class selection of fine cigars. Ultimately, it is Amanjena’s ability to display such devotion in its homage to the region’s Moorish heritage, and North Africa’s stark beauty, that places this “peaceful paradise” in a class of its own.


Bar & Fumoir

Amanjena is also notable for its tasteful use of THG luxury faucetry and accessories. The resort’s commitment to utilizing the finest design elements in order to bring its guest an unparalleled luxury experience makes the Parisian manufacture an ideal choice.