THG-Paris is proud to unveil two blossoming new floral bath fitting collections as part of their established partnerships with two world-renowned crystal houses: Dahlia, in collaboration with the premier French crystal house Lalique, and Rose, the latest collaboration with distinguished French crystal maker DAUM.



Lalique Dahlia

Seductive and sophisticated with intricate details in crystal and finely crafted metal, Dahlia is a poetic design modeled after the famous Dahlia beauty box created by René Lalique in 1931. THG and Lalique’s designers have taken this iconic Lalique pattern and created unique crystal handles in the shape of delicate Dahlia flowers, which the skilled Lalique masters produce. Each flower handle is crowned by the iconic Dahlia and set in place by THG’s beautiful bezel setting. A smooth, wide, curved spout with intricate fluting on its sides – with stepped pedestal to match the base of each handle – is the perfect companion for this timeless and elegant design.

Lalique’s artisans use a technique that requires great dexterity and precision to create the bas-relief Dahlia pattern throughout the crystal. THG’s expert artisans have flawlessly translated this design into a series of bath fixtures and matching accessories using the same technical expertise and ingenuity applied to their previous, highly regarded Lalique bath collections.




A soft, graceful design for the bath, Rose incorporates DAUM’s signature Rose flower, which is flawlessly re-imagined by THG’s designers. Rose by both form and hue, this newest collection is romantic and sensual. Each delicate and ornate DAUM Rose offers beautiful sculptural qualities and color variation, perched atop a beautiful curved pedestal with subtle details on each THG handle. The series is artfully arranged with a beautiful, wide, curved spout with intricate fluting on its sides and stepped pedestal.

Rose’s translucent yet rich blush color is achieved by the art of pâte de verre (lost-wax cast), which allows for precise placement of particular glass colors in the mold. DAUM’s master artists fill the mold with multicolored crystal fragments, and after a delicate firing process, the mold is broken, revealing the pâte-de-cristal sculpture. DAUM remains one of the true crystal art-houses that has perfected this technique. Considering that each piece is cast by hand and each mold is broken, every piece of crystal in the DAUM Rose collection holds its own individuality, and no two faucets are alike.

Both Lalique Dahlia and DAUM Rose offer various configurations for basins, matching bath tub and shower systems, and a range of matching accessories incorporating the Dahlia or Rose flower design. Each series is available in more than 35 finishes, including THG’s new, luxurious contemporary Rose Gold.