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Modern and Traditional: THG-Paris and Christofle Offer Two New Collections for the Bathroom

When it comes to luxury design, few brands epitomize the elegance of Christofle. As the premier designer of French silver and decorative arts in jewelry, tableware and home accents, Christofle has been an industry leader since its inception in the mid-19th century. THG Paris is proud to collaborate with this prestigious brand for two new exciting collections: Collection O by Studio Putman and Collection Malmaison. Using two of Christofle’s most iconic patterns and designs, THG has established these distinct collections that offer modern and traditional fittings and accessories for the bath.

Using Christofle’s Vertigo Collection as inspiration, THG’s Collection O by Studio Putman possesses a beautifully formed style that transcends modernism with a minimalist flair.

As the stylistic centerpiece of the collection, the famous ring designed by the Late Andrée Putman for Christofle in 2002 embodies modern luxury in brilliant silver. Mimicking a wavelike appearance, the ring is neither round, nor oblong, but possesses a rounded effect that changes shape depending on perspective.

Since Vertigo’s creation, it has been used with continued success in tableware, home and jewelry collections and now the intimate bathroom environment. The ring embellishes faucets, basins, bathtubs and various fixtures in a variety of finishes, including polished chrome, matte nickel, polished nickel, silver rhodium and gold. Collection O brings sharp artistic flair to the bath with sensual curves and timeless beauty.

THG’s Collection Malmaison borrows from the historical, exceptional pattern Christofle created in 1967, which has graced Christofle’s magnificent collection of jewelry, tableware and home accents for many years. Drawing inspiration from the Chateau de Malmaison near Paris, the Malmaison pattern is more traditional and ornate – easily identifiable with intricate lotus leaves and delicate palmettes.

In addition to using Malmaison’s meticulous accent patterns, aspects of the faucets, handles and accessories are handcrafted with a delicate reed-like appearance. The wall-mounted sink fixture, which appears to be floating, is a collection highlight and THG’s first attempt at such an elaborate and unique wall-mount design.

A multitude of handle options are available in a combination of crystal, Bianco carrara marble, portoro marble and brass together with stunning trim accents in a variety of finishes including the new patina nickel. Available in metal, crystal or portoro marble, the Malmaison collection of bath fittings and accessories offers regal beauty and distinction for the bath.

In partnership with Christofle, THG brings fully realized detail and renowned master craftsmanship to Collection O and Collection Malmaison – two new series that epitomize bathroom luxury and splendor.

THG receives EPV Quality Label

THG  has received one of France’s most prestigious manufacturing honors—an EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) Quality Label by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. This prestigious citation is given to those companies that preserve on-going artisan craftsmanship traditions, emblematic of French ingenuity and are specific to a dedicated region and part of France’s rich cultural heritage. THG was awarded this honor as the brand practices celebrated techniques in casting, manufacturing and hand-producing luxury-quality, crafted faucets and accessories for the bath as evidenced by the brand’s catalog of hundreds of exquisite collections.

Begun in 2005, the EPV Quality Label was created to promote companies within France that utilize traditional techniques and methods to produce products.  THG joins company with similar esteemed, luxury minded brands that span myriad categories such as Tableware, Fashion & Beauty, Tableware, Gastronomy, Culture & Leisure, Jewelry, Timepieces, Decoration & Furniture as well as Professional Equipment and Built Heritage. Fellow compatriot brands that share this distinction, include: Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Guerlain, Bernardaud, Baccarat, Boucheron, Hermès, Gien, DAUM and Haviland, among others. It is THG’s dedication to using hand-crafted, precise practices that were noted and approved by the French minister of the commission that authorized the final decision for the company to receive the label.

“For many years, we have promoted local French artisans who create products that become one-of-a-kind art pieces for the bath made by traditional methods,” said THG-USA National Sales Director, Pedro Uranga, “To be associated with such a high honor as the EPV Quality Label rewards artisans’ efforts and solidifies THG’s belief to continue making high-quality products using these practices that have been handed down through generations.”

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THG Daum Collection: Art is the Ultimate Luxury


THG Daum Collection

We are extremely proud to announce that the newest THG collection of luxury fittings was designed in collaboration with Daum, the legendary Parisian atelier devoted to producing lead crystal and art glass. This partnership reflects THG’s long-standing tradition of aligning with similar-minded luxury brands such as Lalique and Bernardaud to create products that are unparalleled in their look composition and design, bringing opulence and artistry to fine baths in extraordinary residences, hotels and spas worldwide.

THG Daum Collection

THG Daum Collection

For the last 150 years, Daum has cultivated its artistic inclinations by forging working relationships with the greatest artists of every epoch including: Salvador Dali, Arman, Cesar, Dan Dailey, Andre Deluol, Claude and Francoise-Xavier Lalanne, Paloma Picasso, Roland Topor and Manolo Valdes. Situated in the Lorraine region, which has a historic tradition and expertise in glassmaking, Daum’s workshop was a wellspring of creative output including cut glasses, gilded bottles and objects adorned with coats of arms. Casting a piece using Daum’s exclusive process assures a rich and subtle palette of colors and a precision of contours, which would have been impossible to obtain using traditional crystal or glassblowing methods. This powerful and elegant artistic technique, more than ever before, affirms Daum’s creativity, and is among one of the many reasons why it was deemed worthy as a THG collaborator.

Daum Dragon

Daum Dragon

To learn more about highlights of Daum’s history of artistic innovation click here

The crafting of a Daum vase

Today, art is unequivocally what has linked Daum’s inimitable collection throughout history. With the coalescence of Daum’s expertise in crystal and THG’s expertise in the art and craft of luxury tap fittings, the THG Daum Collection has been born. The collection consists of six opulent designs, each hand crafted by artisans, with each piece of crystal retaining its individuality and ensuring no two faucets are alike. The designs include: Island, Flore, Vegetal, Jade, Dragon, Paradise and Ginkgo.

We invite you to impart fine artisan and hand crafted luxury to your design team, bath project or clientele and celebrate this incredible and esteemed association between two extraordinary French brands—THG and Daum.

Le 11 by Alberto Pinto

For decades, THG® has been designing, innovating and crafting the finest in opulent faucetry and bath fixtures. Their new collaboration with Alberto Pinto, France’s foremost interior designer and preeminent tastemaker, has resulted in the extravagant “Le 11 by Alberto Pinto” range of taps and fittings. With this new collection, THG has been able to tap into the genius of a true artist and bring discerning customers an ultra-luxury line that boasts impeccable form and flawless function.

Le 11 offers striking fixtures born out of fresh inspiration and infused with contemporary flair. Boasting flowing lines and sophisticated design, it features two discreet crystals in red and blue, respectively adorned on each side of the tap to indicate hot and cold water. A waterblade flows from the nozzle, forming a perfect and harmonious straight angle. The faucet comes with a choice of cross or lever handles. The fixture’s enigmatic name, Le 11, in fact alludes to the mythical address of the town house located in central Paris – just a stone’s throw from the Place des Victoires – where Pinto has set up his interior design and decoration studio. It’s Pinto’s dedication to infusing his life into his art, and his relentless search for new challenges that push his artistic limits, which make everything he touches so incredibly poignant and unique.

Product Ranges and Diversity

At THG we know that each country and each age has style and fashion preferences.

“With more than 100 complete lines of faucetry, THG offers an unequaled depth of product styles, finishes and installation options”.

In order to satisfy the expectations of all its customers, THG relies on its know-how and offers an unequaled depth and width of product range.

With almost 250 faucet and accessory options produced in more than 100 designs, THG is able to respond to the tastes and desires of everyone, due to an extremely rich diversity of styles, and offers almost infinite installation options.

40 different finishes also enables every buyer to personalize his faucetry so as to fit perfectly into the bathroom of his or her dreams.