In the tradition of Baccarat’s exemplary capabilities in crystal and jewelry, Pétale de Cristal is designed by long-time THG collaborator, Pierre-Yves Rochon and is inspired by the delicate lotus flower. Transparency and color are among some of crystal’s most important qualities – and the emblematic Baccarat Red is one the most distinguished and recognized colored crystals in the world. The creation of Baccarat Red is a world of alchemy, developed by adding gold to special elements at a specific temperature. Dazzling with innovation, clarity, detail and color, Pétale de Cristal offers crystal handles and accessories in a deep Baccarat Red, bold blue and the mysterious and unexpected black – as well as a clear and opulent crisp crystal (with a choice of clear or gold accented detailing).


Collection O by Studio Putman combines the talents of Christofle, the late Andrée Putman and master atelier, THG. An embodiment of modern luxury, the famous ring was designed by Putman for Christofle in 2002 as part of the Vertigo collection. With sensual curves that capture the reflections of timeless beauty, the ring is neither really round, nor oblong, twisting on the bottom with a rounded effect. This fluid effect makes each fitting style completely original, as the rings are used as discreetly functional elements invarious areas of each fixture. In a variety of chrome and gold finishes, Collection O now graces the intimate environment of bathrooms, embellishing basins, bathtubs and various fixtures.


Collection Malmaison’s French Empire design is traditional and ornate, drawing its inspiration from the Chateau de la Malmaison near Paris. Adorned with intricate lotus leaves and delicate palmettes, Christofle created this historical, exceptional collection in 1967 and THG has used the same attention to detail in this magnificent collection. A multitude of handle options are available in a combination of crystal, bianco carrara marble, portoro marble and brass, together with stunning trim accents in a variety of finishes. This refined collection of bath fittings and accessories is sure to become one of THG’s great classic designs.


THG®: Daum Collection newest collection features sculpted crystal handles radiating with light and color, from the legendary glassmaker master — Daum. Since 1878, Daum has been crafting world-renowned beauty in crystal using rare and ancient techniques, and its perfect mastery of pâte-de-verre has earned them a worldwide reputation for excellence. For nearly 150 years, Daum has cultivated a love relationship with the greatest artisans of its time, working with master artists such as Dali and George Braque. Thus, Daum has now combined its expertise with that of THG’s, to present a brand new collection of luxurious taps. Daum’s collection for THG consists of six designs and considering that they are made by hand, every single Daum crystal piece has its own individuality and no two faucets are alike.


Le 11 by Alberto Pinto One of France’s pre-eminent tastemakers and legendary designers, Alberto Pinto has created Le 11, boasting impeccable form and simplicity for THG. The streamlined fixture’s enigmatic name refers to a mythical address located near Pinto’s practice and studio in central Paris, just near the Place des Victoires. Elegant and unadorned, Le 11 can be specified in either cross or lever handles as well as in any one of the brand’s hand-polished finishes. As water flows from the spout, the fitting’s waterblade forms a perfect and harmonious 90 degree angle. It’s Pinto’s dedication to infusing life into his art, and his relentless search for new challenges that push his artistic limits, which make everything he touches so incredibly poignant and unique.


The Bagatelle Collection is THG’s collaboration with highly respected French designer Olivier Gagnère in creating its latest collection. Inspired by a royal table game that has since evolved into what is now the pinball machine, the Bagatelle Collection’s humorous, imaginative design invites users to touch and play with the faucet handles, knobs and buttons. Slender lever handles are reminiscent of a pinball machine’s flippers. Round shapes found throughout the Bagatelle Collection echo the round bumpers and ivory balls of the table game.


The Mossi Collection is comprised of a faucet and coordinating accessories which feature a linear design sprinkled with Lalique crystal spheres. The collection is available in two versions: Mossi Cristal Clair in clear Lalique crystal and Mossi Cristal Soleil in sun crystal. Finish choices include polished chrome or luxbrass.


The Masque de Femme Collection features a bas-relief pattern in Lalique crystal set atop each handle. Enamel adorns the handles on all four sides with a palm-frond motif either in black, gray and white or red and beige. Available finishes include polished gold and polished chrome.


The Poemes Collection of coordinating bath fixtures was designed by lingerie designer Chantal Thomass. This is a collection that revisits the tradition of the boudoir with ultra-refined and super-chic fixtures crafted from white porcelain and decorated with delicate silver borders. The collection is comprised of a faucet and coordinating accessories including dishes, vases, round and square pillboxes, candle holders, cups, and soap dishes. The only decorative theme to these extremely refined furnishings is four words: Glamour, Lovely, Chic and Beautiful