Bird Decorative Hardware & Bath

Bird Decorative Hardware & Bath has evolved into one of the premier decorative hardware and plumbing companies in the Carolinas. With showrooms in five cities, including: Charleston, Bluffton, Charlotte, Wilmington and Raleigh, Bird Decorative has adhered to it’s mission of great service and great products since 2003. According to Mike Wells, Manager of the Wilmington showroom, over the past few years, the showroom has expanded beyond their Carolina borders, with many projects they work on spanning the country and globe.

Bird Decorative recently collaborated with Dawn Moffitt Design, Inc., on an Ohio-based project that was featured on the cover of Housetrends Magazine (the Columbus edition). Bird Decorative and Dawn Moffitt have teamed up on numerous projects over the years, regularly turning to THG for their high-end, luxury bath products needs. Being featured on the cover of Housetrends is a particularly special moment for Bird Decorative, as Dawn Moffitt was the designer who introduced the showroom to THG to begin with. When asked if he recalled the first time they worked with Dawn Moffitt Design, Inc., Mike Wells chuckled, “Believe it or not, our working relationship with Dawn Moffitt – a local yacht designer- all started with a 24K gold trash can.” Mike wholeheartedly credits Dawn for opening his eyes to all that THG has to offer.

Housetrends Magazine

Housetrends Magazine (Columbus Edition)

For the bathroom redesign featured in Housetrends, THG faucetry was the first and only choice: several years prior, Dawn Moffitt had used THG on the homeowners 110-foot yacht. Naturally, when the time came to redesign her Ohio home, the owner insisted on using THG again. Mike agrees that although THG’s Pure Lavatory Set proved to be the perfect fit for the bathroom redesign, Pure was actually the second choice. Mike explained, “Dawn went through many THG iterations before deciding on the the Pure lavatory set and the Urban Waterfall tub filler.” Dawn Moffitt had considered the Lalique Masque de Femme collection, however, Mike states, “They changed gears and never looked back.”

THG in Housetrends Magazine

THG in Housetrends Magazine

Mike agrees with Dawn Moffitt’s choice to use a more contemporary looking THG product in an Art Deco inspired bathroom. The Housetrends feature is yet another example of the versatile design behind every THG product. The THG Pure, which is strikingly contemporary in design – worked perfectly with the Erte theme, blending flawlessly with all the elements and products in the bathroom that are evocative of Erte and Art Deco design. Mike recalls, “The final design was absolutely beautiful. I wish it was featured in my house.”