Interview with Chantal Thomass in “Maison à Part”

Chantal Thomass

Boulevard Haussmann, Paris. All windows are plunged into darkness except for one: that of the JCD showroom. Inside, cocktails are prepared, the spotlight shines, and the flash of the camera is on fashion designer Chantal Thomass; unveiling her new line of bathroom fittings and accessories for THG Paris. The collection features products that are chic and glamorous, like Thomass’ world.

On hand to present the new additions that complement her existing line of bathroom accessories launched a year ago by THG, Thomass’ emerging presence creates a liveliness in the room. For the occasion, the showroom has been completely transformed: the THG bathroom, as imagined by Chantal Thomass, has been installed prominently in the middle of the showroom — unveiling a unique universe in which women feel special. Here the elements of the collection are an anchor in pink, showing strength in femininity, yet the softness of a fainting couch… All presented next to a mannequin wearing lingerie designed by Chantal Thomass herself!

In the audience everyone is charmed by the creator, starting with Michel Gosse, General Director of THG: “Chantal Thomass knows women so well that she alone is capable of creating a world in which they feel good.” Given the success of the original bathroom accessories created by the designer, Gosse decided to give Thomass the opportunity to make a complete range of bath fittings; most notably with the addition of the Glamour bathtub.

Suddenly, the star of the evening rises among the crowd. As usual, her hair is flawless and she wears a black suit topped by a pin-shaped flower. For a brief moment, we believe it is an apparition straight out of the Brothers Grimm tale: “her skin white as snow, lips red as blood, eyes and hair black as ebony”… Elegantly sitting on the edge of a bathtub, Maison à Part took the opportunity to learn more about the unique collaboration and Thomass’ personal tastes in decorating, and she bows to the game of questions and answers…

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