As Director for North America for THG-USA, Pedro Uranga oversees the North American subsidiary for the company. He is responsible for sales and marketing for the brand and manages the sales force, showrooms and dealers across the country. He began working for THG in 2009 when THG-USA was re-acquired by THG Paris.

Uranga is one of the leading forces behind new collaborations and product developments. He also established the commercial and hospitality division, as well as the yachting and aviation divisions in North America. Uranga also continues to expand his sales force across North America.

Uranga continues to leverage his relationships and deepen the brand’s impression within the A+D community. Prior to joining THG, Uranga worked for a prominent luxury European jewelry house and spent more than a decade in the fashion apparel industry, from start-ups to some of the largest fashion houses in the industry.

Having spent half of his life surrounded by French culture, (either living in France or overseas), he brings together the understanding of the French culture with the business acumen of the USA. Uranga’s vast experience and knowledge, combined with an implicit talent to build new relationships, confirms his ability to lead the North American team in its expansion efforts.